Review of The Webinar: Leverage Favorable Regulatory Changes in China to Accelerate Clinical Develop

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FMD has successfully hosted a webinar titled “Leverage the Favorable Regulatory Reforms in China to Accelerate Global Drug Development Programs.”

Dr. Dan Zhang, Executive Chairman of FMD,

Emil Fu, Ph.D., SVP International Integration of FMD,

Discussed the regulatory reform in China and the strategies biopharma companies can take to make your programs more efficient.

In this webinar we presented:
– The impact of the recent regulatory reform in China.
– The potentials to leverage favorable changes to accelerate global drug development programs.

If you missed the opportunity to join us that day but are still interested in discovering how to leverage the favorable regulatory reforms in China to accelerate global drug development programs, please click on the links below to review the recording, slides.

Watch a Recorded webinar here