Annual iMEDGlobal Manila Team Building Activity – “Strong To The Finish”

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On October 27, 2018, iMEDovators Manila took some time off from the office for the annual team building at Hoyoland Eco Tropical Resort in Silang, Cavite. The goal of this activity is to strengthen bonds and encourage socialization within the company.

The team building’s theme, “Strong To The Finish” is inspired by the company’s small beginnings to its current state – standing strong despite obstacles and challenges. The Team Building showed that the company and its people are ready to face another challenge with fun as the side dish. During the activity there were four teams (Game Changers, Camaraderie, Passion and Versatile) competing against each other in various activities such as high rope challenge (wherein three members of each team must cross the high ropes with harnesses as safety comes first), laser tag, zigzag race, tires relay and sack race. The tenured and new employees’ camaraderie, teamwork and cooperation were built and tested through the activities.

The team building’s venue owner shared to us the reason why he and his wife decided to build Hoyoland Eco Tropical Resort, which touched our hearts. The couple is currently supporting an orphanage and all their earnings from the Resort are given to the organization. All the clients of the resort are being accommodated with sincere hospitality, which made the iMEDovators more comfortable with the venue.

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Before the program ended, our APAC President Mahesh Mudnur gave a speech on how he saw the employees had fun and how memorable the experience was.

iMEDGlobal is surely growing and taking different opportunities for innovation, but it doesn’t mean the team will stay in front of their screens and continue with their research and writings. At iMEDGlobal, employees are not only given opportunities to grow as a professional, but are also given time to relax, unwind, and bond to stay strong and finish strong. Here at iMEDGlobal, growth and fun go hand in hand.