Short Story of FMD K&L Japan by Sanae Fujita

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On October 5, 2015, Japan office of FMD K&L was officially born.

Collaborating constantly with the Japanese Sponsors, FMD K&L Japan has been growing fast since its inception. Currently,  22 members from 7 countries form the FMD K&L  Tokyo Team.

Recently, we went for our first employee trip this summer. We planned one of the most popular employee trip styles in Japan that is to go to a hot-spring by bus.


On the first day, we reserved a pension in Ito city in Shizuoka prefecture, enjoyed BBQ and billiards, karaoke etc.

On the second day, we dropped in at the Izu Shaboten Park, a zoo that allows to freely touches animals.

Although it rained from midnight to early in the morning, we were blessed with fine weather for two days and were able to enjoy the rest of the travelling.

Also, there is a growing expectation for the next year’s trip already!!